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Mission Statement

The Black Law Firm strives to meet all of our client’s needs, maintain the highest levels of integrity, and to do so at a competitive rate without sacrificing quality.

There is no charge for the initial consultation and a portion of every dollar received is reinvested into our community through local non-profit organizations.

If we do not believe we can successfully meet your needs, at no charge to you we will gladly refer you to other counsel whose field of expertise may be more suitable to your goals.

What is it that we do?

The Black Law Firm specializes in growing and protecting corporate assets, non-profit organizations, as well as our client’s personal estates. Black Law Firm will help you avoid costly legal expenses while protecting your rights and property against attacks by others.

How do we do it?

The answers are simple. You may have heard the old adage “Pray for peace but prepare for war!” That’s what we do. We strive to seek out reasonable ground between all parties but when that’s not possible, we strategist to win making every effort to meet the end goals of our clients.

What is it that we do?

Black Law Firm specializes in growing and protecting your business, non-profits and personal estate. The objective is to keep you and your company our of expensive legal battles the best way we know how: preparation. Drafting the documents you need and asking the hard questions is all a part of we do to help ensure the best possible outcome for you and yours. Every attorney on staff is licensed to practice in the State of Texas and has never been sanctioned or disciplined by the State Bar.

Because we value integrity, if we can not represent you as zealous advocates, we’ll tell you before you’re charged a dime!

About Us

We believe in reinvesting in our community.
Austin is our home. We believe that as we succeed so should those around us and to prove it a portion of all profits goes to help local non-profit organizations right here at home.

We believe in integrity.
Every attorney on staff is licensed to practice in the State of Texas, none of which has ever been sanctioned or disciplined by the Texas State Bar of any state. Each attorney is skilled in the art of oral argument as well as mediation.

We believe in holding costs down.
First, we don’t take a client unless we believe we can help.
Second, we don’t rent fancy office space just to impress you. At the end of the day you won’t care if the conference table is pretty – you care if you win. The staff at Black Law Firm will gladly come to your location saving you time and money.

Hours of Operation

We are open Monday through Saturday 8am – 6pm.
You can reach Black Law Firm at (512) 842-9690 or email us.

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